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Metal Plating And Zinc Plating

Metal Plating is turning metals in the fiber format-by heat and pressure-to fused and accelarated metal drops to cover the surface and is forming a concentrated protective layer on the surface. When zinc is covered by this method it provides a corrosion protection with the effect of galvanic for a long period of time and the corrosion products produced on zinc/steel surface have also protective effect.. It involves melting zinc wire and using a flame gun or electric arc gun to spray the molten metal on to the surface to be protected.

Corrosion Full Protection

Coated surface will provide cathodic regional struggles to even damage the surface of the zinc in other protection structure protects against corrosion.

Long Life

Corrosion life to be provided with the metallization process comprises at least a 15-year period. This processing time can be up to 20 years depending on the quality and suitability.

Rapid Application

Sandblasting the surface is cleaned prior to metallization, the metallization is performed and the protective layer is applied if necessary depending on application.

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About Zinc Metallization Wires

Zincover Wires

Our fibers are delivered to customers with international standarts and packages. The measures of our wire that have high quality for corrosion protection performance can be changable by your request. Quality of our wires are controlled in our existing labarotories.

Usage Areas

In these applications corrosion protection is provided without any maintenance for many years. Construction Sector; In the plating of bridges,road barriers and steel constructions In the ship Cast-iron pipes for running or waste water mains. Gas tanks and tubes All metallic structures Agricultural equipments